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Research & Development Activities:

3inova Networks has developed market differentiating technology which addresses the impediments of Wi-Fi becoming the wireless technology of choice for in-building use.  The company is focused on developing technologies that allow Wi-Fi to:

  • Deliver resilient performance for real-time mobile applications in the presence of large numbers of active users,
  • Maximize system capacity and user experience by moving active users to available bandwidth,
  • Replace Ethernet wiring to the desktop and support business critical applications like telephone, video and data services,
  • Enabling employees' access to business applications any where, any time.

The company's focus is to develop Wi-Fi technologies (mostly software components) that  integrate into vendor's products.  3inova Networks is a wireless sub-system solution provider working with different equipment manufacturers to integrate our technologies into their products.  3inova Networks technologies are built on top of the IEEE 802.11n and 802.11ac standards with the focus of providing solutions to real problems that the standards have not addressed.


Solution Context 

3inova Network's patented technologies address an important white space in Wi-Fi. There is currently a very rapid adoption and proliferation of Wi-Fi technology and Wi-Fi devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, portable data terminals and more. This trend is driven by many factors including:

  • Mobility in the Enterprise with the promises of the untethered desktop,
  • BYOD requirement to support personal Wi-Fi-enabled communication/computing devices in the Enterprise,
  • Low cost alternative to cellular wireless in the Enterprise or near hotspots,
  • "Wi-Fi Calling" (cellular off-load) make phone calls, send/receive text, etc. over the Wi-Fi network.

Current Deployment Challenges

Wi-Fi technology, as currently deployed, presents many challenges to achieving the above:

  • Wireless devices need to support multiple applications including voice, data and increasingly video,
  • End-user mobility leads to a very dynamic load for the access point which may in turn lead to focussed overload and insufficient bandwidth to deliver service to mobile users,
  • Mobility combined with users having multiple wireless devices can lead to interference between these devices and loss of connectivity,
  • Most Wi-Fi client devices or APs do not support the functionality needed to address the above challenges.

3inova Networks Solutions

3inova Networks has developed patented technologies which address the above issues and which do not depend on any additional functionality in the wireless client device beyond basic Wi-Fi.

Our Wi-Fi technology addresses these issues by adding functionality only to the network, that is, the access point or the controller. Therefore, these solutions are designed to work with all Wi-Fi terminals including legacy, current and future.

3inova Networks solutions include:

  • Virtual Priority for stations that do not support WMM Quality-of-Service needed for multiple applications such as voice, video and data,
  • Service Level Assurance (SLA) in wireless access network, providing assured bandwidth and performance to group of users,
  • Load Distribution, which moves users to available bandwidth, is based on patented indirect signalling methods and is used to address high-level focussed loads (i.e., front lobby, conference rooms, auditorium) caused by mobility and other factors,
  • Detection and mitigation of adjacent channel interference which is caused by closely located Wi-Fi devices.

Wi-Fi Technology Development - Generation of 6 New Patents

3inova Networks received from NRC-IRAP Industrial Research and Development funding to develop and patent its market differentiating Wi-Fi technology.  3inova Networks successfully developed solutions to several whitespace issues described in our technology page.  Prototypes were used to test the solutions and refine the designs.  This work successfully generated significant intellectual property for 3inova Networks and led to the filing of 6 Wi-Fi patent in Canada and the U.S.  3inova Networks is now taking steps to commercialize its patented technology.


University Interaction

3inova Networks working with Carleton University established university interaction programs supported by NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) funding.  This added significant expertise from professors and students in the validation and further development of our market differentiating technologies.


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