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 3inova Networks Inc
Ottawa, Ontario CANADA

Network Design Consulting Services:
3inova Networks Specializes in the Design of Next Generation, High Performance, Resilient, Multi-Service, Wired and Wireless (Wi-Fi) Networks.

  • Wireless Site Surveys,
  • Design of High-Reliability and Availability LAN, WAN and WLAN,
  • Network Security Design, 
  • Integration of BYOD into Corporate Networks, 
  • End-to-end Quality of Service Design,
  • Integration of Applications (i.e. VoIP, video) into LAN and WLAN solutions,
  • End-to-end Network Design with Mobility,
    • Wireless access to the corporate network providing reliable and secure connectivity to applications residing in the cloud or corporate data centre,
  • From Needs Analysis to Engineering, Design, Project Management and Life Cycle Management,
  • Business Case Analysis for Network Solutions,
  • Development of Network Specifications and Requirements,
  • Performance Measurements and Analysis of Wired and Wireless Multiservice Networks,
  • Troubleshooting Complex Networking Problems.

Research & Development:
3inova Networks develops market differentiating technologies which address the impediments for Wi-Fi becoming the wireless technology of choice for business.  The company is focused on developing technologies that allow Wi-Fi to:

  • Deliver resilient performance for real-time mobile applications in the presence of large numbers of active Smartphones, Tablets, Netbooks, Laptops, and users;
  • Replace Ethernet wiring to the desktop and support business critical applications like telephony, video and data services,
  • Enable the streamlining of business processes which enables changes in the way people work and where they work.

The company's focus is to develop Wi-Fi technologies (mostly software components) that can be integrated into vendor's products.  3inova Networks is a wireless sub-system solution provider working with different equipment manufacturers to integrate our technologies into their products.  3inova Networks technologies are built on top of the IEEE 802.11n and 802.11ac standards with the focus of providing solutions to real problems that the standards have not addressed.